Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sweetie's Presentation

Sweetie Was Inspired Last Night. And This Came Out

Sweetie’s Presentation

“Where shall I begin, please, Your Majesty?”

“Begin at the beginning," the King said gravely,
“and go on till you come to the end: then stop.”

“Your Majesties,” (Sweetie bows) “lords, ladies, furries wyrms, Mer, mechanical life forms, honored dignitaries from the newbie delegations and their appointed guards, I mean guides …”

“Sweetie…,” the king warned kindly but firmly.

“Yes Your Majesty.”

Sweetie curtsies and smiles and pirouettes three times before stopping and bowing demurely to face her audience and give her lighting technicians time to aim her spot properly.

“I’m humbled and pleased today to present to you the Mistress of Whimsy, priestess to Pele and the Guardian and Guide of the Whimsian Peoples, Empress Cheyenne! No offense mean to Your Majesties; those are honorific title for the most part, of course.

“We gather here today to witness the investiture of the title Superior Blogger of the Realm on my darling Cheyenne. Being named a SBOR wasn’t an honor my humble Cheyenne ever expected. She toiled away on her blog out of love of the craft and sent out those amazing swank baskets to all the voters on the committee purely out of good form. Trust me, there is not one tiny competitive bone in her body.

“No, this honorific is the result of steady workmanship and a whimsical turn of mind applied again and again to create a world all her own for her readers. It is a readership that drew the attentions of Your Majesties when just this weekend the official readership of this most worthy tabloid— I mean rag— I mean blog— passed a milestone.

“In the four short months since tracking began, 10,500 readers from 106 nations have visited this blog to sip at the genius that flows from the wellspring that is my Cheyenne’s mind.” (The king clears his throat) “Her hard, steady work to create this blog, week after week, shows she embodies the ideals of citizenship Your Majesties value most. So to one and all, I say. lift your glasses, turn a pirouette, and say, ‘Three cheers for Cheyenne!’”

The king then rose to his feet and in a magnificent voice intoned, “Congratulations on your success, Cheyenne, and we hope to see many more blogs to come.”

The End

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