Thursday, April 17, 2008

Nicholaz'ed Again!

Written 17 April, 2008

Nicholaz'ed Again!

Nicholaz Beresford said he was not going to release any new viewers, but guess what! He's released one for the current version, 1.19.1(4)! He couldn't resist! Whoo hoo!

I downloaded his zip file, extracted the contents, put them in the main Second Life folder on my hard drive, made a shortcut, and double-clicked it, and Bob the Drinking Bird's your uncle. I am now using the Beresford viewer again.

It runs fine, but the things I like the most about it are the friends tab (it's ba-ack) in addition to the widely-hated Communicate tab, that I can wear objects by double-clicking them in Inventory, and that I no longer get my hair and shoes up my butt. Of course that hasn't happened lately, so maybe the Lindens FINALLY fixed that bug!

The frame rate is good. I'm getting as high or higher a number than I did with the previous release.

I sent Nicholaz a tip last night-- only a thousand lindens, and he IMed this morning to thank me. I told him he's a hero.

Get the Nicholaz viewer EC-e for Second Life Release 1.19.1(4) here.

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Quaintly Tuqiri said...

Three cheers for Nicholaz! :)