Monday, April 21, 2008

Political Rant by the One and Only Sweetie

Written 21 April, 2008

Political Rant by the One and Only Sweetie

We now pause for a brief political rant by Sweetie (Sweetie leaps up onto her soapbox, turns a pirouette, and smiles down at her rapt audience)

Here YE Here YE: U.S. Senate "Net Neutrality" Hearings on April 22nd

Tomorrow, while the US media is caught up in the the frenzy of the Pennsylvania Democratic primary a very important hearing will be held in the US Senate.

There has been a coordinated push by national and muti-national internet providers to restrict access to their bandwidth. For example, AOL is owned by big media conglomerate "X," therefore, in order to secure the advertising business related to and supporting the dominance of their own content on the net, they have set it up so that if you you do a search for content for media conglomerate Y's material, it mysteriously doesn't show. It's the old game of we only serve Coke or Pepsi, except they are using it to control SPEECH! Now they want laws to give legitimacy to this heinous practice.

A truly free, open internet is absolutely essential to the health of free democracies and their economies.

I understand the need to protect the citizenry from criminal activity on the web. Beyond that, though, internet providers should not control content any more than my phone company should tell me who I can call or the post office can tell me who i can mail things too or the roads can tell me whether my reason for driving from point A to point B is legitimate.

I mean, why is this even a question?

Please take a moment to write your senator (if you're in the US) and tell them you are watching this issue and ask them to attend the hearings to represent your interests.

You can find your senator and contact them through the website www.Senate.Gov

Thank you :)

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Sweetie: :)

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[17:29] You: long live TOrley
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