Friday, April 4, 2008

Case in Point!

Written 4 April, 2008

Case in Point

Last night Sweetie and I stood on a platform near the northwest corner of Whimsy and jumped on a nice couples sunset gazing poseball.

It was nice. But then her arm went up.

“Building?” I asked mildly.

“I have to make some fabulous lights for this corner,” she said.

Suddenly we were bathed in warm yellow light. But then Sweetie’s arm moved around to the front and there were three huge columns in the rock formation near the sim edge.

I watched in amazement as she in short order made a magnificent build. She calls it the Whimsy Sun Gate.

When I pointed out that the gate didn’t squarely face the setting sun, she smirked. “With the new viewer, I can put the sun anywhere,” she said.

And so she can.

Now if I can just get her to make those lights!

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