Friday, April 4, 2008

She's Building

Written 4 April, 2008

She’s Building

Sweetie is cheating on me.

Yes, she is.

And with the Build tools!

I’ve seen the signs for the longest time. We’ll be kissing on Resolution and I’ll notice her arm is out, with a purple beam dancing between her fingertips and the wall of our house, or a carpet, or a couch. We’ll be cuddled on our love seat and the textures on the windows will suddenly jump.When we talk, her arm will be over her head. And I swear, her avi’s tongue is clenched between her teeth. She building.

I’m all hers, and she’s building!

I don’t really have room to complain, for I’ve been known to do it too. But in my case, of course, it’s legitimate. Of course. We’ll be in our house at 350 meters and I’ll have my camera view down on the ground as I cut out a parcel or sort textures in my organizer.

I’m lucky, though. My Animation Overrider keeps my arm down. Sweetie doesn’t use an AO (she’s yet to find one fabulous enough), so her arm is always giving her away. I try not to pout when her arm goes up.

When Sweetie falls silent for long minutes I know she’s either carefully lining up a snapshot or else manipulating the image she just shot with the GIMP. But that’s okay, for I’ll have my external browser on SL Exchange and will be withdrawing the money from the day’s sales.

I forgive Sweetie’s cheating, and I hope she forgives mine.

We really and truly can’t help it, you see. We’re tweakers by nature. We’re born to tweak. It’s a compulsion.

And I’ll bet you have the disease, too!

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