Sunday, November 4, 2012

Leveraged Buyout: Part VIII. Taggmasster Makes His Move

Leveraged Buyout

Part VIII: Taggmasster Makes His Move

Written 4 November, 2012

"Honey," said Sweetie, "You might want to take a look at About Land."

"Why?" I asked suspiciously.

"Just do it."

I clicked the top of my screen and the menu opened.

"OMG!" I said.

"Did you notice the owner is listed as 'Pending'?" she said. "And the group is Pending."

"That's what I'm OMGing about," I said. "OMG all over again! How could they do that?"

At that moment Judge Camper chose to ring in. "Welcome to the world of high finance," he said, via IM. "Have you looked at the Region controls?"

"No," I said. "We were just looking at About Land."

"Try Region," he said.

I did. "OMG!" I said. "The Region menu is blacked out."

"Just as it would be if you didn't own the sim-- which you don't, quite, at the moment."

I said, "It seems the region name has been changed from Whimsy to Pending."

"Yes. Go back to the About Land menu and look at the prims."

"Crap!" I said. "My prims are no longer mine! Sweetie's, too! I can't even tell which are mine and which are hers. They're all marked Unknown."

Judge Camper said, "The audio is set to the Eremalos death metal channel, and the media to EremalosNews: Greedy and Sneaky. And if you cam over to Whimsy Kaboom you'll see the Eremalos corporate yacht taking up most of the sim."

"I'll return it!" I said.

"I'm afraid you can't," said Judge Camper. "You no longer have the ability."

"How did they do all this?" I asked.

"Taggmasster 2000 got one of his judge buddies to issue a temporary restraining order against you," he said. "You're not even supposed to be on the sim."

"What did I do to warrant all this?" I asked.

"Have you looked at your blog lately?" he said. "You can be quite vicious. Tagg persuaded the judge you're unstable and dangerous."

"But how could they do it? I own Whimsy fair and square."

"They don't play fairly, Chey."

A thought came to me. "How much did they pay you?"

"You know my rates: $1L per ten minutes. They paid me well over my going-- I mean, how can you believe I would do that to you?"

"Judge Camper, You're fired!"

"It's JusticeUnlimited," he sniffed. "I've worked three hours for you--"

"And probably six against," I said.

"-- and you'll be receiving my invoice for $18L."

"Send it to Taggmasster 2000," I said, and muted him.

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