Thursday, November 3, 2011

Update on Whimsy

Written 2 November, 2011

Update on Whimsy

Our friend Fem, who moved onto Whimsy before the land was even terraformed, is gone after three-and-a-half years. Sadness.

She's still around, though. Happiness. Just not on Whimsy.

I reminded Fem she had the option to sell her land, but that apparently didn't happen. I did get a query from one of her friends who said he was considering leasing the land. I told him Fem could sell the land to him, but not lease and asked him to read the covenant (he said he already had, but might as well be thorough).

Tier date has come and gone and there's been no word from Fem or further word from her friend, and no payment, so just now I returned the prims on the parcel and joined  the land.

There's a teahouse and a torii gate on the land temporarily. You should check it out. Southeast corner of Whimsy. the views are great.

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