Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The PG Den of Iniquity: Part II of III

Written 19 November, 2011

The PG Den of Iniquity: Part II of III

Since early 2008 Whimsy's games have lived on a series of platforms 1800 or so meters above the beach.

I tried several times to make the platforms into something interesting, and I failed every time.

Putting the games in the Gobbler airship was a no-brainer-- once I had the idea, that is. Ask me why it took so long for me to think of such a solution. Just ask. I won't answer.

With a new lift and with the blimp tower remodeled, I awaited Sweetie's approval. Which I got, sort of.

"Why isn't the tower in the middle of the opening in the roof?" she asked.

"Uh, because it's been off center for two years now?" I ventured.

"It needs to be centered," she said.

"Fine," I said. "I'll just lasso the tower and a dozen or so pieces of the lift and move them to your satisfaction."

"Good," she said. "And rotate it all 90 degrees while you're at it."

Readers of this blog will know this is how Sweetie and I work. She puts up something to get me motivated. I rebuild it. She critiques it. I rebuild it again. This would piss me off, but it's impossible to get pissed off when I know it'll be better after the redo. And it's always better after the redo.

So I  carefully selected all the parts to be moved and relocated and turned the blimp tower. And then, because they violated her sense of balance and proportion, I redid the walkways Sweetie made long ago. Then she demurely suggested the Gobbler would work a lot better as a game palace and center of PG depravity if I would just drag it 20% bigger.

[I had initially placed this beautiful steampunk clock along the wall to the left of the doorway. Sweetie took one look and moved it to the rear wall so it would be immediately visible to those entering the room. Unfortunately there was no wood panel at the rear and the clock was lost against the glass behind it. I almost moved the clock back, but then had an idea and selected the wooden panel that had originally been behind the clock and dragged a copy to the new location. It gave the clock more impact, and, happily, fit perfectly.]

What a pain! But Sweetie was right; the Gobbler was palatial after the resize-- and of course the rail track no longer led to it and had to be rerouted.

Last night I added two small blimps to provide support for the center of the long section of track. Today Sweetie decided they obscure the views from the PGDOI-- and by the way, this game would fit better HERE and that one would fit better THERE-- and don't you think this room needs curtains?

We moved the games and added curtains-- and guess what I'll be doing tomorrow?

Right. Rebuilding the track.

Go here to visit the PG Den of Iniquity  in Second Life. Take the robot lift up to the blimp tower and then ride the rail to the PG Den of Iniquity. There are two floors below the main level, and huge rooms inside the balloons; just walk the ropes on the right side (as you face the entrance) to enter the balloons.

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