Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The PG Den of Iniquity: Part III of III

Written 20 November, 2011

The PG Den of Iniquity

Part III of III

For a long time now I've had a rail car that runs along tracks just as Kitto Flora's steam train does. Unlike Kitto's train, the rail car will climb at any angle and even run along walls or upside down, which is perfect for craziness on Whimsy.

The rail car has a couple of disadvantages, though. First, every piece of equipment and track has the same name. This makes it necessary to either unpack the components from boxes with each use or to put each in its own named folder. It's not a deal-beaker, just annoying.

The biggest annoyance is the large non-modifiable sign that rezzes the car. It has to be positioned just so in relation to the track, and it's well, big and unsightly. Unfortunately the sign, like everything else in the kit, is non-modifiable.

The car runs well, though, and was perfect for the route from the blimp tower to the PG Den of Iniquity.

The rail line ends on the deck of the PGDoI. Visitors can move from the deck into the Gobbler's main room or climb the ropes on the port side to enter extensive hidden rooms inside the balloons.

The main room (at the Gobbler's new expanded size) is large enough to hold a grand piano and harp on one side and a large bar on the other and still feel spacious.

This steampunk clock I coincidentally just bought is a perfect fit.

A stair leads to two rooms below decks-- one a lounge, and the other the control room. The lounge now holds a Greedy Greedy table and the control room features a playable pool table and a great steampunk horse racing game I just bought at The Mechanical Toy Factory.

The lowest level features a dart board and Whack-A-Mole and Zombie attack games. There's a well-appointed sitting area done up on Arts & Crafts style.

Up in the balloons are a bowling lane, a shooting arcade, a model train, and a mechanical bull.

 Now all of Whimsy's games have an elegant home.

Well, almost. I keep Settlers of Second Life (255 prims!) and K.R. Engineering's On-A-Roll and SLopoly games in inventory to help keep prim count and script time under control.

Go here to visit the PG Den of Iniquity  in Second Life. Take the robot lift up to the blimp tower and then ride the rail to the PG Den of Iniquity. There are two floors below the main level, and huge rooms inside the balloons; just walk the ropes on the right side (as you face the entrance) to enter the balloons.

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