Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Return to SLeezyWood

Written 29 November, 2011

Return to SLeezyWood

I should know better than to seek destinations at the Linden Showcase. I'm usually disappointed.

My last venture was to a place that sells mobile homes and RVs. It looked too much like a real RV lot-- flat and boring-- but unlike real life sales lots, this one was chock full of camera traps. I had one hell of a time getting out of this vehicle:

Do you see me driving this thing across the country? No way!

And so I took myself to a place that KNOWS how to make trailers trashy-- the one and only SLeezyWood!

Besides, I was low on herb and intent on raiding this shed I found back in early 2007:

Alas, the shed and the grow lights and the plants were gone-- no doubt hauled away in a bust by the ever-vigilant Bay City police-- but I did find some classically shabby blue-collar abodes. Photos are below the fold.

HO-Made Pizza! Sheesh!

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