Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Three Years of Whimsy

Written 20 April, 2011

Three Years of Whimsy

Whimsy' third birthday quietly came and went-- mainly because I mistakenly remembered our sim's birth as happening in April 2008. Whimsy was born in March. Oopsie!

Although we don't play the shameless self-promotion game, we love our sims of Whimsy and Whimsy Kaboom and are happy to tell others about them.

At three years old, Whimsy and Kabooom have become two of Second Life's most celebrated sims. Both are listed in the Linden Showcase, and we have many visitors. We're happy to provide park space and inject a little humor into the lives of Second Life's residents. I love to see people ride our little train or cast themselves into the lava of the volcano Pele or stop to read the ridiculous and completely fictitious historical markers.

My next few posts will be about our sims.

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