Monday, April 25, 2011

They've Redone Tableau Again!

Written 25 April, 2011

They've Redone Tableau Again!

I first went to the Tableau sim four years ago, after I read in one or another of Second Life's newspapers that its volcano had exploded and destroyed everything and everybody.

When I first visited, it was a desert town. Then it was something else. Then something else yet again. Now it's back to being a desert again, and it's most exellent.

Sweetie and I spent more than an hour in just one corner of  Tableau. That's because we came across a ruined stage.

And we all know how Sweetie is when there's a chance to perform!

I found a trunk full of puppets. Sweetie took the cool tiger one and left me with the fat castrato.

"Is anyone out there yet?"

"Just one noob. He's getting frustrated because he can't figure out how to sit."

"Where's my audience?!"

"Don't get your hopes up. It is the matinee."

"But if there's no audience, who will write the reviews?"

"I'll put it in the blog."

"Will you will refer to my performance in glowing terms?"

"Oh, absolutely."

"Yoo hoo, audience... We're about to start!"

"Is anybody there? Hell-ooooooo!"

Later, Sweetie found a place to perform...

... and a rapt audience.

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