Friday, April 8, 2011

No Lights on the Modem

Written 7 April, 2011

No Lights on the Modem

I'm generally pleased with the internet service I get from Comcast, but today was an exception.

Our sim neighbor Leaf Shermer scheduled a concert by Second Life Musician Mankind Tracer. Because Sweetie and I had been building what amounts to a Temple of Doom underwater and near the stage, the theme of the concert was Indiana Jones.

I worked like mad to finish the temple, coordinating with Sweetie (the designer) and Leaf. I finished up a scant hour before the concert and went downstairs for a zen moment. When I returned I did a few final tasks. Then, just five minutes before the concert was scheduled to start, I crashed.

And I not only crashed, the lights on the moden showed no connectivity.


I called Comcast and learned that yes, my build was paid, and yes, there was a general internet and Cable TV outage in my part of Atlanta. So I attended the concert with a Bluetooth in my ear, talking to Sweetie on my cell phone. Mankind and his guitar were a low-fidelity soundtrack in the background.

I have to say, I got a lot done. I sorted folders of accumulated incoming mail and Second Life snapshots, removed the pedestal from my office chair (I had managed to put it on backwards when working on the blasted thing over the weekend), and finished a task for a consulting job (real life).

Wouldn't you know it, the lights on my modem came back on thirty minutes after the concert had ended. I was just in time to hug Sweetie before she retired for the night.

I asked Sweetie to take some photos. I'll post them after she gives them to me. I understand there were a lot of people in Indiana Jones costumes. Must have been a sight to see.

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Thea said...

I just found your blog and was reading through your posts. I was at this concert and loved the build :)