Friday, April 15, 2011

Fun at the Robot Sanitorium

Fun at the Robot Sanitorium

Written 15 April, 2011

Oh, look,a list of the celebribots in residence!

The concierge doorbot at the Robot Sanitorium
greets visitors and prospective patients...

... however, visiting hours are strictly enforced!

Any good will imparted by the doorbot is quickly reversed
by the creepy tipbot in the reception area.

Reception features an assortment of out-of-date robot-related magazines.

Wow, this place is huge!

It's hard to believe it all fits inside the giant head of Rosie, the Jetsons' Robot Maid!

The scanners look intimidating, but they operate on the honor system.

The interactive control room is the heart of the sanitorium.

It's fun to operate the electromagnet!

Prospective patients must walk the ramp to begin their conversion.

Graffiti is a constant problem in the pipes that lead to admissions.

The admissions office provides an excellent view of the conversion floor.

Nurse Bender courteously assists new patients...

... who must become starter bots
in order to gain access to the art deco robot-making machines.

This huge animistic hydraulic press squishes starter bots...

... removing the last vestiges of humanity.

Newly-pressed robots are red hot and must ride the conveyor...

...  for a refreshing bath in liquid nitrogen.

The journey to robothood is not yet complete.

Every patient is implanted with a positronic brain.

The new brain aids in the memorization of Isaac Asimov's laws of robotics.

The newly minted robot patient can look forward
to the finest in psychorobotherapeutic care.

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