Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sim Corner Inspection

Written 6 January, 2011

Sim Corner Inspection

Last night I got a message from one of my few renters. He was showing more prims than he could account for, enough to put him close to his limit. It was driving him nuts.

I asked him to wait a minute and flew to the 0,0 corner of Whimsy, at 0 meters altitude. I cammed below the surface, and sure enough, there was one of his hairdos, 57 prims, and a four-prim bubble emitter owned by his partner. I returned both items.

Since it had been more than a month since I checked the sim corners, I flew to Whimsy Kaboom. There I found one of my own hairdos. At the corner of Whimcentricity I found a lost Christmas tree owning by another renter. I returned it.

I figured I might as well check Eccentricity, Leaf Shermer's sim, to see what she might have misplaced.

(The first time Leaf and I met, more than four years ago, was when one of my prims wound up at the corner of her property on Dreamland's Forsaken sim).

I checked; there were no objects, but I found-- well, see the photo! She told me it was okay to print it.

You know when you sit on a prim and wind up in the blue zone? That strange area?

In some cases, you're below the sim boundary, at 0,0. Leaf was on a poseball. In her view she was elsewhere, but to me, there she was. Her poseball partner was, happily, nowhere in sight.

If you're running out of prims or just want a cheap thrill, check that sim corner!

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Moirae Loorden said...

Haha too funny! Suppose it could have been much worse/embarrassing. :)