Monday, January 3, 2011


Whimsy is Now Back to Normal
Written 2 January, 2011


Under the merciless rays of the Linden sun, the snow on Whimsy began to melt.

Too quickly.

Soon it was all gone.

We weren't overly concerned when the waters began to rise. It was just from the meltoff, we told ourselves.

But they kept rising.

And rising.

Soon the first floor of Melissa's house was underwater.

The little Japanese house on the lagoon was submerged.

Chey had taken refuge in Mr. Tiki. It looked bad...

Bob was barely able to keep his beak above water.

 Finally, the flood peaked. Just one more meter would have spelled disaster for the train...

The waters rapidly receded. Whimsy is back to normal, or, rather, as normal as Whimsy ever gets!

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