Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Glitch and Happenstance: Part III: Contrived Photos

Written 25 January, 2011

Glitch and Happenstance

Part III: Contrived Photos

Police Raid on the Forsaken Sim
Adventures in Perspective
My friend Melissa Yeuxdoux may have used this title years ago in her blog, but it's too good to pass up.

As Chey watches in horror,
the aggressive hummingbird
knocks Sweetie from the platform
"Where's my shoe? Where's my frigging shoe?"
Espionage statutes prevent me from
showing Sweetie's face in this blog
Unit XC-94 was unnaturally
fascinated by the alien technology
The R2 units make a break for it (photo by Sweetie)
Gort's anger management class
could not be consider a success

The bobnapper tantalizes us
with photos of our missing giant granite
deified Paleolothic drinking bird
Sweetie scales the virtual Eiffel Tower

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