Monday, January 24, 2011

The Judicious Use of Full Bright

Written 24 January, 2011

The Judicious Use of Full Bright

The ability to set prims to full bright is a good thing, but the overuse of full bright most definitely isn't.

Judiciously used, full bright will attract the eye, drawing attention to landscape or building features.

Here, for instance, is a single strand of lights on Whimsy Kaboom.

Most of the mainland is blighted by overuse of full bright, as so:

Of course, the mainland doesn't need help to be ugly. Here's a typical scene:

But when you throw in full bright  flat trees, it gets worse:

Here are some dos and don'ts for full bright.

1. When it makes sense, DO use full bright

2. DON'T use full bright when there's absolutely no reason to do so.

3. DO make things full bright to draw attention.

4. DON'T create visual confusion by overusing full bright.

5. DO use full bright to highlight water and lava.

6. DON'T use this as an excuse for fuglification.

7. DO use full bright to highlight things that would ordinarily be lit-- signs, lamps, streetlights.

8. DON'T highlight things that should remain in the background.

9. DO use full bright to make subtle highlights.

10. DON'T ruin a beautiful scene with full bright.

11. DO enhance dark spaces with a spot of full bright.

12: DON'T use full bright on every prim in your parcel.

13. DO use glow and full bright together for subtle effects.

14. DON'T be a glowtard.

15. DO use local lights in combination with full bright...

...or instead of full bright.

Properly used, full bright will make your land more appealing. Improperly used...

Let's just say friends don't let friend overuse full bright.


Solo Mornington said...

A lot of times people have no idea that there's such a thing as 'full bright.' Of the people who know that it exists, a small portion know what it actually does. Of those, a small portion understand that if the thing they bought is modifiable, they can turn off the full bright. Of those, only a small portion will do so. And that's because of those, only half will have enough taste to do it. The other half are worried what the first half might think of them if they don't.

Cheyenne Palisades said...

Thanks, Solo, for your comment. You're right, most people have no clue. I didn't either, at first. Once people understand what it is and what it does, then it does indeed become a matter of taste-- or, rather, in the mainland, a lack of it.