Sunday, January 23, 2011

Chey's Travels: Roche

Written 23 January, 2011

Chey's Travels


I've been bopping around the grid a bit lately and thought my few but loyal readers might appreciate a bit of exposition.

Of all the places I've visited recently, Roche is my favorite. It's a simple ruralscape, but done with great skill.

The owner is ddsm2 Mathy, a name that seems to give more of a hint about lifestyle than nationality, but even though the content isn't specifically Asian, the sim has that serene Japanese feel. Maybe the name of the bakery-- Misaki-- gave me a clue.

Disaffected Shopgirl
The ground textures are deliberately unattractive, but wonderfully done, giving a desolate seaside air to the ramshackle little town.

The only out-of-character element is the sim's single sign, which advertises free bicycle rides-- on full bright.

Paths are wonderfully contoured to the landscape.

I love this subtle drainage feature.

Aah, sheep!

Let's get a better look...

Uh-oh. Better get in touch with the Empress &  Heirophant folks and tell them I've found their missing livestock.

Ah, inhabitants!

I think I'll walk around to the front of the trailer and say hi. Oops! Nope, better not. Those hats and expressions make them look like spree killers.

I found the bakery stunning. The level of detail was impressive.

I went back this morning with Sweetie. She took this wonderful photo:

It makes me feel like a shit for pushing her off the edge of the cliff.

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