Saturday, November 20, 2010

New Signs for the Whimsy Train

Written 20 November, 2010

New Signs for the Whimsy Train

I love Kitto Flora's train. It's so very cleverly scripted.

Although the engine is non-modifiable, it's possible to add custom logos to the sides of the boiler and the cab.

Since 2007 the sign on the side of the boiler has read Avatar Mobilization Unit. The background of the sign was jade, at first, and then brass. Last night I reworked to signs to be the same color as the engine (I have the engine in Black, Red, and Green. I also have Kitto's Christmas train, which already has the perfect logo-- as you'll soon see).

Well, the logo doesn't QUITE match, since the boiler is glossy and the logo isn't-- but it's close enough.

The photos show me at the train's starting point on Whimsy, at dawn, with the new boiler sign clearly visible on the green train. Doesn't Whimsy look lovely?

Chey and the Whimsy Tipbot Inspect the Green Train

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