Monday, November 22, 2010

Every Store Needs an Airship Dock

Written 22 November, 2010

Every Airship Dock Needs an Airship Dock

Sweetie installed an airship dock up at the new store area because, you understand, one never knows when a dirigible will come by and want to tie up. Loaded with grey-haired virtual shoppers on a senior outing, no doubt.

She tweaked the textures and added, of all things, an orrery. It was a nice touch.

We've not yet figured out how to get folks to the top, as there's no entry to the center and climbing up the outside would be difficult due to the encircling rings.

I've three ideas for moving folks to the top.

1. Teleport them. I could install long-distance teleporters which would whisk folks to the top in a flash.

2. Raise the build about three meters and install a bottom section with a door. Let folks enter and climb to the top on one of Gypsy Paz' great ladders.

3. Cut the prims that circle the main shaft and put a ladder on the outside.

All of these are practical, but lack that certain je ne sais quois-- that bit of essential Whimsy that characterizes our sims.

I think tonight I'll poke the muse. I'll oh so casually mention to Sweetie I've been thinking of an absurd and impractical way to get folks to the top of the tower and then stand back as she reels off ridiculous ideas.

I can't of course tell what her ideas will be, but I imagine they'll involve slingshots, robots, and exploding lipsticks.


ZenRascal said...

"... stand back as she reels off ridiculous ideas."

"... I imagine they'll involve slingshots, robots, and exploding lipsticks."

Chey, you (and sweetie) are a riot! Seems like just yesterday you were searching high & low for a mysterious dunking bird. And now this!!! LOLOLOL How do you do it? How do you keep cranking out all this wacky stuff?? LOL Whimsy indeed!!!!


Cheyenne Palisades said...

Zen, check the blog for my reply to your comment.

ZenRascal said...

Gotcha. ThxXx!!

AlexHayden Junibalya said...

Slingshots, robots and exploding lipsticks?


You need Zero G Trampolines.

You could sculpt them into the shape of an English Scone... Or a Teacake...OR A JAM DOUGHNUT!!!

Do that and I'll happily come over and bounce the day away.. :)