Friday, May 28, 2010

Those Darn Intolerant Homosexuals!

Written 28 May, 2010

Those Darn Intolerant Homosexuals!

Here's what Ari Blackthorne recently said about gays, who he considers intolerant.

Homosexuality is another example [of intolerance from people other than Ari]: I have no problem with it. Whatever you do in your own home is your business and none of mine. What I actually do have a problem with is you always trying to rub it in my face by forcing a public discussion of it like I have a need to know.

This is an old argument. It goes like this: You homosexuals are welcome to be yourself, so long as I don't have to hear about it and see it. So no discussion about it, no demands for your rights, no hugging or kissing or handholding in public, no pictures of your partner on your desk at work, no sending your kids to my kids' schools, no gays in the military-- and no gay marriages, for god's sake! And by the way, do you have to be so butch/faggy? Can't you act "normal?"

If gays and lesbians hadn't been in people's faces these past 40 or so years they would still be routinely beaten to death in back alleys with bricks and routinely arrested and sodomized by the police.

Oh, wait, that still happens!

But thanks to gay folks doing exactly what homophobes don't want to see or hear, they are today less marginalized in the business community, less often made the butts of jokes, less often harassed and ridiculed, less often excluded from the military, less often deprived of custody of their children, and more likely to be able to socially legitimize their relationships.

It's strange. A man and woman kiss on an escalator, how charming. Two gay men hold hands, they're flaunting their lifestyle.


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Whatcha Eaton said...

That's why I had to stop watching soap operas, Chey. I'm straight but I don't need those darned heterosexuals flaunting their lifestyle on TV like that. It's just not healthy. (/sarcasm)

Me thinks Ari should remember he has no right not to be offended... I think he actually said that in the same post. The mind boggles.