Saturday, May 29, 2010

Half-Assed Griefing

Written 29 May, 2010

Half-Assed Griefing

An avatar named Ariel Starflare very kindly sent me an IM this morning, notifying me of what she called a moderate griefer attack on Whimcentricity.

I rezzed on Whimsy Kaboom and found every free prim taken up by invisible boxes owned by an avatar named Donna Eberhardt. I looked at her profile; it was blank, and yet she was two years old. Yep, griefer alt. I banned her from my estates and returned her objects.

Whimsy was thankfully free from griefing objects, but Whimcentricity had 1300 boxes, most with Iraqi flags on each side. Donna again. I returned them.

By then Sweetie was looking over my shoulder. I flew over to Leaf Shermer's adjoining sim, Eccentricity, and found it covered with thousands of the same boxes. And yes, owned by Donna.

I filed an abuse report before I left Kaboom, and a second when I saw the flag pasted on the boxes on Whimcentricity. I cleaned up Whimcentricity, then sent an IM to Leaf telling her what had happened.

By now Sweetie was in world. "They griefed Leaf's pirate ship," she said. "That's just stupid redundant!" Here's her photo:

As griefing attacks go, Donna's was pretty half-assed. She placed an object spammer high in the sky. The object rezzed objects as fast as it could until the sim was full; if at any time prims were free, it set to work again.

The rezzed objects were all physical, which slowed the sims, but otherwise the effect was visual, annoying, but nothing worse.

I thought for a moment that perhaps the griefing was due to my blog posts yesterday, but I don't think so. Otherwise, why grief Leaf's sim? I think it was just another random attack of stupidity. It was easily remedied. If I get attacked again I'll just lock down my land by turning off build for a while.

Leaf logged on while I was writing this. "ZOMG!" she said, and cleared her land.

Here's what I have to say to Donna. Sing to the tune of My Bonnie.

Your griefing is really pathetic
Your griefing is really low class
At best it is barely annoying
Not even a pain in the ass

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