Friday, May 7, 2010

The Rose Theatre

Written 7 May, 2010

The Rose Theatre

When a furry black avatar raved about the Rose Theatre, I jumped there to take a look. Just for a quick moment before going to bed.

Two hours later I was still exploring.

The Rose is a large edifice that hosts an opera house, a theatre, and a fine furniture store. It's impressive from the outside:

And inside:

The grounds are extensive and gorgeous, with formal gardens...

... water features...

... and delightful secluded places:

Sharp-Eyed readers will have noted by now the extensive on the sim use of a rarely used feature: bumpiness. Note the grainy texture on the bridge.

The theater is lush...

... and the furniture in the on-sim store is of the highest quality...

... but the jewel of the Rose is the opera stage:

Oh, to have a seasons pass here!

There are many sections of the building:

Intan dance balls are everywhere, so bring your partner and enjoy.

I believe the sim can be rented for special events.

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