Friday, May 21, 2010

Back in New York

Sweetie's Secret Mountain Lair is Within Hollering Distance of New York City

Written 21 May, 2010

Back Up North

Yesterday, Delta kindly carried me to New York and deposited me gently in White Plains. I'm spending three weeks with Sweetie and typing this on her computer.

I worked for four weeks on the census job, which took a turn to weirdness just before I left.

It seems 3/4 of the crew to which I was attached were turning in timesheets without really doing any work.

Call me a sucker, for a pounded on a lot of doors!

I worked through all the binders I was given, and then told my supervisor I had been invited to give a talk in Albany. I told her that if more work was expected I would come back-- if not, well, Sweetie lives only 150 miles from Albany.

So I'm here and will be for a while.

Tomorrow morning we will arise early and drive to Albany. It will be rather a Thelma and Louise road trip, for Sweetie was involved in an unfortunate incident in that city. We're going straight to the talk and straight back home. We won't even be taking advantage of the free room night offered by the conference organizers.

Fortunately, Sweetie is a mistress of disguise, so there's little chance the Teleportation Security Administration will spot her. And if they did, well, she'll be amply supplied with exploding lipsticks.

I've done little in world these past weeks except stand around on Kaboom watching the humpback cavort. I think I've been recharging my psychic energy.

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