Friday, October 31, 2008

Sweetie's Opinion on the Openspace Fiasco

Sweetie's Opinion on the Openspace Fiasco

For my entire life, and especially for the last few years, it has been do more with less, work longer for less, pay more for less… it just costs more! Deal with it! No, you won’t get any more, no we won't explain why it costs 30—50—80 percent more. You have to pay. You already signed up— already invested— already have a contract.

Second Life was the one place I could get away from that. Now they “just can’t help it” and “couldn’t have anticipated it” and “No, we won’t reward you for responsible use or crack down on those who misbehaved, so prices will be raised and performance won’t improve,” and “No, we won’t give you a break after screwing up by overestimating what our servers would handle and so you get for your loyalty just this: nothing.”

SL was one escape from the giant corporate world of unpredictable ripoffs. Suddenly this game isn’t so much fun any more with the new folks in charge who are happy to screw us anytime. Second Life, brought to you by Exxon Mobile and your local cable company.

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