Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Guitar

Written 22 September, 2008

My Guitar

I picked up my guitar yesterday morning and played for more than hour.

Ordinarily, playing my guitar wouldn’t be blogworthy, but I put it away last October and hadn’t picked it up since.

The last time I played it I was serenading Sweetie in real life. She asked me to stop because all my songs sounded sad to her.

Since I’m not a good enough musician to put a happy feets sound to Tom Dooley, I laid it down. That was 11 months ago.

Yesterday morning I logged into Second Life and stood on Robot Island (there are no robots on Robot Island, but I once built some bots there, and it acquired the name). I listened to the birds for a while and then picked up my Epiphone and started playing John Prine and Steve Goodman’s Souvenirs.

I hate reading old love letters
For they only bring me tears
Can’t forget the way they robbed me
Of my sweetheart’s souvenirs

Souvenirs is a sad song, sure enough. It was new to my repertoire last fall, so probably Sweetie had a point about me playing sad songs, but I’m glad I picked up my guitar again.

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Tycho Beresford said...

I’m glad you picked up your guitar again, too; I wish I was that talented. Robot Island being devoid of robots is a sad occasion; perhaps you could record a theme song for it.

But not too sad; a balance between happy and sad is better. I bet you could come up with a killer song about love letters yet to be written.