Saturday, October 25, 2008

Personal Hugger

Written 22 October, 2008

Personal Hugger

Some months ago, my free personal hugger quit working. I would approach Sweetie as always, but instead of hugging her, my avie would repeatedly lunge at her; when I wore my Zero Style Mai hair, it looked as if I were a poodle  hunching her leg.

Figuring some thousands of Sweetie hugs had worn my hugger to its nubbins, I found another. And another. None of them worked.


Hmmm, Havok4 was just implemented. I wonder….

Yep. That was it. The free personal huggers seemed to be broken, at least insofar as it came to my hugging Sweetie.

I discovered that if I flew and descended to just above ground level, I could sort of hug her, but that was annoying and particlely, as my MystiTool dust would obscure my rather delectable view.

Then my brother Mordecai had cause to hug us both. And his hug, unlike ours, wasn’t broken.

Mordecai told us he had gotten his hug at Abranimations. I made a trip there, but didn’t find a hugger—although I did see and almost purchased a couples animator. The $995L price tag seemed a bit steep, though, so I didn’t.

Yesterday morning I work up early and was online before my usual time. I caught Mordecai before he had to leave for his job, at which he defends and protects the British Empire from evil intergalactic forces. He confirmed his hug was powered by the Couples Animation HUD at Abranimations.

I took myself straightaway to Abranimations and, having sufficient Lindens in my account to affect the purchase, picked up the Couples HUD.

I’m eager to try it out on Sweetie. I missed the opportunity last night, however, because my inventory got scrambled and wouldn’t load, and because we were distracted.

Distracted by what? Glad you asked. By jet skis.

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