Monday, October 27, 2008

Jet Skis

Note the Jumps in the Background

Written October 22, 2008

Jet Skis

Abranimations had changed since I was last there. There were some interesting new products, including a sky joust game which seemed to be modeled after the video arcade game of the same name. There was also a first-rate bumper car game.

I wandered out the back door to look at the several products for sale on the ground, and stumbled across the Devils Moon sim.

I’d been to Devil Moon before, but it was changed. Nowadays it’s a pretty lake with places to cuddle, a rideable rowboat, and a jet ski rezzer.

I had a great time zooming around on a jet ski and repeatedly taking it over a ramp, which it jumped gracefully, providing I was moving fast enough.

I had to buy Lindens to do so, but I purchased the rezzer and took it home to Whimsy Kaboom. I pulled out and placed the long unused decking from East Beach, which once graced Pele, my former home. Alongside the planks, I put out two rezzers—one for a jet ski, the other for a jet ski with a rope and poseball for a waterboarder. Then I built a couple of ramps and plunked them into the water.

I had fun zooming around, stopping only when it was time to go to work.


Sweetie beat me online last night. It took her mere minutes to find the jet skis. When I arrived she was zooming about, taking the ramps in fine style. I jumped onto the ski board poseball behind her jet ski and she towed me about, frequently crashing me into the sides of the jumps and the edges of islands as we raced around the vast watery spaces of Whimsy Kaboom.

Later we rode around on jet skis with our friend Michel Runningbear. We finished the night with all three of us in or on Sweetie’s great little stunt plane (there being but two seats, I was perched attractively on the wing, secured, I told Michel, with great strips of virtual Velcro). We did figure 8s and inside loops, trailing red smoke, eventually landing on Kaboom, where Michel produced a paddle boat on which we floated sedately through all three of the Whimsy sims. I was enjoying myself, since Michel was doing all the work, but then I realized my avi was paddling too.

“Hey!” I said. “I didn’t sign up for this! I’m going AWOL at the next port of call!”

“Shut up and paddle, you blackguard! I’ll stand for no mutiny or desertion!”

All in all, it was another fun night in Whimsy.


Feel free to try out the jet skis on Whimsy Kaboom.

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