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Inventory Control, Revisited

Help Stamp Out Free T-shirts in Second Life

Written 21 October, 2008

Inventory Control, Revisited

As a prologue to my post about inventory control, please read this post from March 2007. It made even me laugh, so it can’t be all bad.

Now that’s out of the way, flashback to last night. Sweetie is in world and sorting inventory.

Sweetie is predisposed to trance states, which she often enters without warning. Sometimes she spends fifteen minutes lining up a snapshot on her laggy Mac; sometimes she’s throwing around prims in a builder’s haze; sometimes she’s sorting inventory.

I especially like it when she works on her Objects folder. One never knows what will materialize. A plywood cube. A beach house. A bumblebee airplane. A penis hoverbike.

Last night was an inventory night. Sweetie stopped speaking in Skype, and I could hear the clicks as she did a search-and-destroy through her Inventory.

I managed to get her talking again, and we worked up a list of words to help ferret out duplicate and useless items. Here they are:

Bald. Every hairdo comes with a bald base. You need only one.

About. Many products come with a notecard that serves no real purpose. About will find most of them.

Hover. Many unpacked boxes contain a script for hovering text. You might place one in your Scripts folder so you can make your own hovering text; throw the rest away.

Float. Some of the above scripts may be named Floating Text.

Unpack. Some boxes place an unpacking script in your inventory. You can safely kill them.

New Script. Some sellers don’t bother to rename floating text and unpacking scripts. You can safely kill scripts so named, especially if they’re in your clothing folder.

Delete. Some unpacking scripts are named “Delete Me.”

Free. This will get rid of freebies you no longer need.

Invitation. Purge your inventory of old invitations.

Join. Ditto.

T-shirt. Get rid of all your ugly freebie tees.

Gentle reader, if you can think of other handy terms to search, please comment.:)

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