Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Arrgh! Where's My Inventory?

Written 22 October, 2008

Arrgh! Where’s My Inventory?

Last night Sweetie, who is careful to keep me modestly clad, pointed out my dress. “Is that a nighgown?”

I took a look at myself, and indeed, it did look rather like lingerie! And I was in public!

When I went to my inventory to grab a more modest garment, however, nothing was loaded. The only things that seemed to be present were my landmarks. All the folders and subfolders were in their accustomed places, but all showed as empty.

Subsequent relogs didn’t fix the problem, and when I logged on this morning with the Nicholaz EC-F viewer, everything was still missing.

I made a call to the concierge line, where a friendly Linden suggested I clear the cache and relog.

I did, and it it worked. My inventory was back.

Whew! And woo-hoo!

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