Wednesday, June 25, 2008

PETA Ripoffs?

PETA Ripoffs?

Here are two ads from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and two from a group of content creators in Second Life. See a resemblance?

The content creators are lamenting an all-to-real problem in-world, the theft of their intellectual properties. Lamentably, however, they are ripping off PETA's intellectual property by copying the look-and-feel of the PETA ads. Even if they have permission from PETA-- which I somehow doubt-- the creators' point could have been made in a more original way.

My thanks to Sweetie, who originally pointed out the connection between the two series of advertisements.


Anonymous said...

I would classify those ads as a knock off..not a copyright violation

Cheyenne Palisades said...

No, it's not a copyright violation, but it's still a ripoff. It's difficult to sympathize with someone upset about others knocking off their intellectual property when they are doing the same in their very complaining about it.

Corgi said...

You might be interested in another couple onion-layers involved:

You're right about it being the height of irony, though. There was quite the debate in Through the Filter of a Victorian Aesthetic at the time, too.