Saturday, July 7, 2007

Why a Dragon?

Written 26 June, 2007

Why a Dragon

One of my good friends  has her reasons for being a dragon. We’ll let them remain private.
A moment of silence here as your brain cooks up all kinds of reasons for my friend to be a wyrm.
I suspect a lot of people have powerful psychological reasons for playing dragon avatars. Dragons, after all, symbolize great power, and fierceness, and myth, and destruction, and dangerous beauty.
And of course they are incredible, highly visible, socially acceptable (in most circles) phallic symbols. Face it— an encounter with a dragon is a reenactment of the ultimate rape fantasy!
And all that fantasy artwork with errant knights with swords trying to slay dragons—that’s castration anxiety in action. Mos def.
Yep, dragons are powerful emotional symbols. So no wonder people play them.
And then there's the role play aspect. Dragons are essential components for any sort of Tolkinesque RP scenario.

But for me, being a dragon is not a statement of any kind. It's just, on occasion, fun.

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