Sunday, July 15, 2007

Cillian's Mystitool

Written 15 July, 2007

Cillian's Mystitool

Sweetie and I take great delight in telling people about Mystical Cookie's great gadget, the Mystitool. We love ours and have come to rely on them; in fact, we feel a bit naked without them.

Here's a shot of Sweetie and I with our Italian friend Cillian Dyressen; we're showing him how to use the Find Avatar function.


Eppie Hock said...

Uhm, what is that?! Something like an avatar radar? I could use a good avatar radar myself!

Cheyenne Palisades said...

Oh, sorry!

The Mystitool is a multipurpose gadget about which I have posted in this blog. It has about one hundred functions, including an avatar radio. In fact, I feel naked when my Mysti falls off and I can't see who is within 96 meters and who is and isn't within chat range!

Corgi said...

Cheyenne (btw, you share your name with a terrific artist, Cheyenne Wright (, I just went out and got a MystiTool after serendipitiously finding your blog, and therefore your raves about the gadget.

I have a n00b question for you, O Experienced User -- does the LARGE blue menu always have to display in the corner? Not the buttons, they're no problem.


Corgi (2/k/a Melanippe Karas)

Cheyenne Palisades said...

Hey, Corgi, going Wright (so to speak) to Cheyenne Wright's website.

Oh, Mystitool newcomer, one can avoid the blue menus of death by learning the keyboard shortcuts. I almost never have my own blue menu of death showing. Learn to type /1 notecard (for the owners' manual), and /help to learn the chat commands.

The Mysti is straightforward to learn, but there are so many functions it takes a while to come to terms with them all. There are still lots of things I can't do or can do only by using the aforesaid B.M.O.D.