Sunday, July 29, 2007

Client-Side Weirdness

Ruthed Cheyenne

Where Are My Eyes?

Taking a Spin

Written 29 July, 2007

Client-Side Weirdness

When I logged in this morning, every thing was just fine-- for maybe thirty seconds. Then my avatar shorted and thickened and orange hair sprouted undernaty by Mystikal BubblePony do and my hobbit feet spilled out of my elegant Sylfie's shoes.

I was ruthed.

Worse, my inventory seemed to be ruthed, too. Most of it was gone, and it didn't seem to be downloading.

Hmmm. Maybe it wasn't a client-side issue after all!

Multiple log-ins didn't fix the problem, so I pulled out my trusty alt, Dakota.

Well, she's not THAT trustworthy. I know she's been underreporting her tips from the Dragon Skybar. But still...

Anyway, Dakota rezzed just fine and her inventory-- not that she has that much of it, and what she has is like too goth girl for me-- seemed fine. And she was able to rezz and delete objects.

Voice First Look crashes m computer (not just SL, the whole computer dies) on a regular basis, maybe once every 45 minutes, so I reluctantly started it.

Hmmm. Optional download. Maybe that will help with the crashes. And the weirdness.

Nope on the weirdness. I'm still ruthed. And poorfly rezzed ruthed at that!

Nope, not server side at all.

As to whether Voice First Look will still crash my computer? Probably.

Still, there IS a lot of client-side weirdness in Second Life.

Last night I changed upon a photo I took a while back at the Sphynx Jazz Club. As he danced, an avatar was spinning around, rotating on his long axis (no, guys, I know what you would like to think of as your long axis, but I'm talking about from head to toe. He was just dancing and spnning, and no one saw it but me.

I know.

I checked.


Now my eyes are gone!

They just now disappeared.

I'm melting!


Wilhelmina Yoshikawa said...

OMG, ruthed and with no eyes!!!
Oh the horror, the horror!!!
I hate when it happens!!!

SL has been so buggy the last few days. I don't even want to think about the First Voice Viewer. The less stuff I have to install in my computer the better, I don't have much free space left. I just HOPE this won't make me crash all the time, I already have some problems with SL (going into Appearance mode makes me crash).

In the SL blog it's written that "An updated, optional Voice First Look viewer is available for download on the First Look webpage. A mandatory Voice First Look will be released this Monday.".

I wonder, was this mandatory viewer released? I just hope it works. So many problems with SL lately, I just wish they would rather first fix the problems and then play around with this voice thing.

Cheyenne Palisades said...

It's a new week. I log on and I look fine. Then, three minutes later, I am suddenly Ruthed!


I can't think of one single thing in SL that wasn't out of order this weekend.

Wait a minute! Yes I can! Friends, which is usually out of order, seemed to be working.