Saturday, July 28, 2007

Avatar Barbecue!


Drinking Birds at Sploland

Sweetie on the Spit at Splo

Warning Sign for Cheyenne's Avatar Barbecue

Cheyenne on Her Spit with Big Fire

Written 28 July, 2007

Avatar Barbecue!

Sweetie and I were out adventuring when we saw them-- giant drinking birds! The holy grail of Second Life silliness!

They were on Sploland, a sim which seems to be dedicated to exactly the sort of silliness to which Sweetie and I dedicate our second lives.

I mean, there wasn't just one giant drinking bird-- there was an entire row of them! And there was an avatar cannon, and rides, and--

And an avatar barbecue!

We met a very nice lady named Kirra Ball, who works at Sploland, and she showed us around. We told her about our Well of Death, and she was intrigued. We made a deal-- she could build a well of death and we could build an avatar barbecue.

And so I did.

It was easy enough-- two uprights with a fork for the spit, a spit (rotisserie), a script to pose an av in roasting position, a fire, and a sign warning avatars to UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES jump on the grill.

Of COURSE such a sign will guarantee that no avatar will EVER have an unfortunate incident with the barbecue grill.


Guess how long it took sweetie to jump on?'


I saw Skyler Coswell bonfire at Black Rock Mesa. It came with about ten poseballs circling it-- war dance.

Mr. Coswell was kind enough to make a set of poseballs without hover text for me.

It will be fun to get a bunch of friends together some time and dance around the fire, but I had a more immediate use for Mr. Coswell's bonfire.

I put it under the barbecue rotisserie.

The result was disturbing.

When the fire was small, the effect was sort of cute, but with a big roaring fire the visuals were a bit scary; I felt a bit like Jean d'Arc as the flames leapt about me as I tried the rotisserie.

Now the rotisserie has a nice small fire.


Wilhelmina Yoshikawa said...

Wow! Now you will be able to have avatar barbecue at Pele! I want to get roasted too! LOL!

Those who won't jump into the volcano will have a second chance to get roasted if they jump on the grill. ;-)

And after all this roasting, nothing better than to have a refreshing jump into the Well of Death! :-D

Cheyenne Palisades said...

We at Pele are constantly wracking our brains for new and improved methods of avatar destruction.


Corgi said...

I have to say that I had to doubletake at Sweetie's pink sari, because on a spit, it makes her look flayed and grilled somewhat.

It's not an unreasonable assumption, if a gory one....