Saturday, January 20, 2018

Whimsy's Vistas

Written 19 January, 2018

Whimsy abounds with spots that let you look out (or up or down) over long distances.

The view above was taken at sunset from inside the balloons on the airship that hangs just below the 4096 build limit on Whimsy. It shows the mine car track that leads to the huge captured asteroid at 4000 meters, the balloons that hold the track up, the observatory below the asteroid, and the asteroid by itself. The view is better when the SL sun sets, for beautiful auroras play across the skies.

Here's a NASA supply rocket in low earth orbit (3000 meters above Whimsy Kaboom). The moon is visible at upper right, a comet is moving from right to left just above the rocket, and two satellites are visible (one is highlighted by the tail of the comet). The view of earth when standing on the rocket is spectacular.

This photo was taken from atop the giant rock that dominates the southwestern corner of Whimsy Kaboom. I once had a little hut up here, but it was situated on the sim Whimcentricity, which belonged to Leaf Shermer and which has now gone away. I will be setting a replacement structure here so visitors can stand and get this same view.

In fact, I just did! There's a little Japanese tea house there now.

Here's Kaboom. I'm standing on the flank of the volcano Pele, facing west. The caldera is to my left. Note the humpback whale breaching far below at center right.

Here's the view facing the other direction-- the volcano Pele!

Here's one of my favorite vantages. I'm looking at the hollow interior of the volcano Pele from a ledge far above the water that has filled the caldera.

Here's a view of the Whimsy train, taken just a few meters away.

And here's yet another view from the same place.

Here's a view of Whimsy from the top of the mountain...

...and a view of the mountain from a nearby hill.

Here's a view of the Whimsy Sungate from yet another hill.

I took these photos in sim daylight. Soon I'll post some photos taken at night. Whimsy looks great at midnight.

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