Sunday, January 28, 2018

Just When Things Are Going Smoothly-- I Look Down

Written 28 January, 2018

I was just patting myself on the back for adjusting to Second Life after three years away.

I mean...

* Every since script I created-- and there are hundreds upon hundreds-- were running perfectly.

* All the prims on Whimsy and Whimsy Kaboom were in place, save one-- my conveyor belt, which somehow got rotated ninety degrees.

* Aside from a few dead fish, the many birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and nonvertebrates on Whimsy were doing fine. Some were angry with me for not feeding them but shut up when I reminded them of the terms of their contracts.

* My wardrobe was intact and I still looked fabulous.

* Many of my old friends were still around and active.

* Many of my favorite places were still in existence.

* My new and quite inexpensive laptop ran Second Life better than all my previous machines

And then, damn it, I looked down.

Why, oh, why did I have to look down?

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