Wednesday, January 31, 2018


Written 31 January, 2018

When I first came in world I ran around everywhere with avatar "shoes" on. My feet looked as if they had been beaten with sledgehammers.

Here's my first pair of blingy prim shoes. I thought they were wonderful.

I was fortunate enough to get a photo when the shoes weren't blinging. Thank me for sparing your eyes.

Or don't. check out these blingtardy shoes. Every prim has a bling script!

I can't be ENTIRELY certain those aren't my shoes, but I don't THINK they are. Surely I would remember a fashion disaster of that magnitude.

Shoes have come a long way. Second Life has come to a place where it's difficult to get clothes and shoes for avatars without mesh bodies. Now that 95% of my shoes are broken, I wonder if I'll take the trouble to create masks for my favorite old school shoes or just take the plunge and go mesh.

Stay tuned.

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