Saturday, August 4, 2012

Google Bytes Me

[DON'T BE EVIL photo would be placed here if Google weren't in fact evil.]

Written 4 August, 2012

Google Bytes Me

A long time ago I passed the 1 GB limit for free photos on Picasa. Since a photoless blog about Second Life would be unfortunate, I elected to spend $5 a year for 25 GB of additional storage space.

Tonight I tried to add a photo to my blog and found out my account was no more. Apparently Google tried to charge my account and the payment didn't go through because the expiration date had changed. Old Don't Be Evil didn't send me a notice so I could change, they just turned off my account so I'd have to re-up at $2.49 per month for the same 25 GB of storage.

So now I'm going to have to pay $30 per year-- well, $29.88-- for the same storage-- either that, or there will be no more pictures.

Now that's what I call Not Being Evil.

p.s. I paid them, dammit, and yet won't be able to add a photo to this post for a day or two. When I'm finally allowed, I'll place the image I chose below this line.

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Tommie Whitaker said...

I will be waiting for the new pic : )