Thursday, August 9, 2012

Not Gonna Happen

Written 9 August, 2012

Not Gonna Happen

Here are some of the styles I am NOT gonna be wearing.

I'm sure these styles look good on someone. Just not me.

Above is Diva by Sayaka. I like the messiness of the style, but I won't be walking the red carpet in it.

That's Karen by EMOtions, above. There were so many Demo things going on it was difficult to see what it actually looked like. As shown, it's WAY too small for my egg head.

That's Elegant by HA, above. Those couple of flexi tendrils weren't able to salvage the helmet head look.

That's Satsuma by Rosy Mood Hair. It has a three-bottles-of-hairspray look.

This mesh do is Aida by Wasabi Pill. I waited long minutes waiting for the hairbase to snap into focus. It never did. Shame. It wasn't a bad hairdo otherwise.

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