Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hair Fair Week

Written 19 July, 2012

Hair Fair Week

Yes, boys and girls, it's once again time to take off all your prims and take your bald head to the Hair Fair to buy hair you'll have to take off to attend next year's Fair!

I stripped myself down to the bare minimum. Hair? Off! Belt? Off! Jewelry? Off! Shoulder pads? Off! Shoes? Off! Compass HUD? Off! Outy's Emoter HUD? Off? Mystitool? Off! Sidearm? Off!

Time to go.

The Hair Fair consists of four sims this year:

Decor? Mileage varied...

There were lots of people checking out the various booths. Many were old enough to have last names, and most were stylishly dressed.


I saw far fewer ridiculously over-the-top styles than in previous years...

...although certainly there were lots of well-done exotic styles.

There were quite a few mesh styles, and a few sculpted hairdos...

...but regular prims seemed to predominate.

I didn't buy anything, but I loaded my inventory with freebies and samples to try on at low-lag Whimsy.

Speaking of Whimsy, it was good to be back home after several hours of time dilation at the Fair.

I'm waiting to see if Sweetie will put in an appearance for the Fair. If she does I'll add more samples. If not, I'll start sorting.

Be prepared to soon see me on these pages, wearing sample hair!

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