Thursday, August 23, 2012

Unfortunate Purchase (Reversed!)

Unfortunate Purchase (Reversed!)

Written 23 August, 2012

Woo hoo! I contacted ChiChi Hair via notecard and got a quick reply from Chiana Meredith; the color is indeed in the fatpack-- Mocha. Many thanks!

Here's the SLURL. The hair is Delilah.


I just bought this hair. I made the purchase because I love the photo.

I splurged for the fat pack, but this color wasn't in it.

I'm sad.

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Chiana Meredith said...

Chey, I'm glad you like the hair. I saw your note, and tested the fatpack hair, and the color you're showing in the photo IS there. It's the "mocha" shade. I'm sorry I didn't respond instantly to your note to help you - I was offline last night when you sent it. I've replied this morning. Please reach out if my note doesn't clear things up for you. - Chiana Meredith, Designer/Owner, ChiChickie!!