Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fashion Show: Hair Fair Demos

Posh by Iren
Written 7 August, 2012

Fashion Show: Hair Fair Demos

Okay, it's once again time for me to prove this is not a Second Life fashion blog. Here I am in demos of various styles I picked up at the Hair Fair.

Keep in mind my head is shaped like an egg, so some of the non-modifiable hairdoes don't fit. And I'm not necessarily wearing the makeup that works best with the style (as above). I wasn't looking for the perfect fit or the perfect photo; I was just trying to see how the various styles looked on me.

Also keep in mind I immediately trashed the most disastrous hairstyles. In this post I'm showing the styles that looked good upon first impression. I'll look at them all again and then decide which ones make the cut. In the next post I'll show the styles that don't quite work.

I like Posh, above, and will probably buy it in just that color. It doesn't work well with the semi-goth makeup I'm wearing but should work with some of my other skin variants.

Above is a style by EMOtions. The shape works well with my head, but I don't think I'll buy it. I'm just not that moved by it.

The do above is from EMOtions. It's a great dread look, but doesn't work with my skin shade.

Above is Marie, from Fashionably Dead. I like it and will take a second look at it.

Above is Iren, by Rory. Another probable.

I like the long locks of Melanie from Iren. Unfortunately I remember this as being as rigid as a frozen weasel, so I won't be buying it-- but I do like the look from the rear. I'm hoping upon second look the style has some flexiiprims.

Rosalie from Miss C is a beautiful style, expertly made. I may buy it even though it's more than a bit 1980s.

This is Zoey from Wasabi Pill. It's a style that would work wonderfully with my First Peoples outfits, but it's mesh, meaning about 1/3 of Second Life's population wouldn't see it. More importantly, Sweetie wouldn't see it. So I don't think I'll be buying it.

Finally, there's Winter Rose from Lollipopz-- or maybe it's Lollipopz from Winter Rose. The look is a little princessey, but I like it.

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