Sunday, May 1, 2011

Why Newbies Need to Activate Advanced Mode

"What am I supposed to do in this game?"
Written 30 April, 2011

Why Newbies Need to Activate Advanced Mode

About a month ago the Lindens introduced a new feature in the default viewer (2.6): Basic Mode.

Basic Mode is less complex and hopefully less discouraging than the regular viewer for first-time-in worlders, but functionality is limited. There's no voice, no inventory, no building, no way to modify the avatar, no groups, no ability to spend or obtain Linden dollars.

I'm sure newbies will rush to activate Advanced Mode once they realize they can't:

Crank their breast size up to 100 (females)
Get a freenis (males)
Buy and wear clackety shoes
Clutter their inventory with 50,000 houses, free vehicles, tacky jewelry items, and butt skirts
Make themselves bling at every attachment point
Cover themselves with tattoos
Attach nuclear facelights
Wear those animation overriders that make you strut around like you have to go to the bathroom
Get badly-fitting prim hair
Beg for Linden dollars
Work newbie jobs for three cents an hour
Leave prim clutter all over the place
Play annoying farting gestures in crowded places
Talk dirty to you in voice IM
Sell the badly-textured t-shirt they just made

Those who don't activate Advanced Mode will just have to limit themselves to whining about how stupid and pointless Second Life is and offering friendship to everyone who comes within 20 meters

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