Sunday, May 8, 2011

Giving a Presentation with Sweetie

Written 8 May, 2011

A Presentation with Sweetie

Yesterday Sweetie and I drive a hundred and fifty miles and gave a presentation about our Second Lives at a conference that wasn't about Second Life.

The conference was small with multiple tracks, so we had only about ten people in the room, but it was fun to slow slides of us and of Whimsy and talk about our relationship.

There was another couple present who had also met in Second Life. Their story was more drama-filled than mine. They met in a Second Life strip club and become partners. When she traveled to the U.S. to a conference, they met in real life. She wound up seeking asylum, spent a month in a holding cell, her blue card is now in process, and the couple of living together. Another couple in the room had met them in Second Life and helped them when they ran into legal snags in the immigration process. Another attendee couldn't seem to learn how to turn her computer on and wanted help. And a friend showed up to support me by questioning every thing we said and IMing throughout the presentation.

We spent a lot of time in preparation for such a small audience, but we have from it a nice PowerPoint presentation and movie Sweetie made. I'll post it here in the blog soon-- if it doesn't show her virtual face, that is.

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