Monday, May 2, 2011


Written 1 May, 2011


Last night my friend and Whimsy resident Serenek Timeless IMed me with an important question. At least she said it was an important question. Did Whimsy need any scripted gophers that would squeal when their holes were stepped on?



Were gophers now shoulder pets? Or horrors, were they the latest in breedable animals-- you put one on your land and next thing you know there are thousands and the tulips are all gone.

Nope, this was a cut little animated gopher that pops out of its hole and squeaks at you when you tread on it. Cute!

I went to the store she pointed out to me and bought the gopher-- copyable-- for just $60L and put a couple on the ground on Whimcentricity between Serenek's house and Mairenn's. Poor Mairenn will probably get a fright the next time she goes to fire her cannon and steps on one the little guys.

Serenek said maybe the gopher could be the cannoneer.

I said maybe the gopher could be the cannonball.

We speculated on whether we could make  a cannon that fired gophers.

"Why not?" I said. "I made one at Christmas that fires fruitcakes."

I explained my reasoning. "Since both gophers and fruitcakes are hard to get rid of," I said, "a gopher cannon should work."

That set us off on a delightful discussion of regifting and plum puddings and hard sauce and other British desserts. Then I mentioned I had a can of something called spotted dick at home. I had picked it up as a novelty, I said. Since Xubi has a jar of hard sauce maybe I could bring my spotted dick with me the next time I visited.

That didn't sound right.

Although I couldn't think of a better way to say it.


Sere Timeless said...

Most people don't talk about their spotted dick in public. But, of course, most people don't live on Whimsy where spotted dick might be entirely normal. On the other hand, nothing on Whimsy is entirely normal, and I, for one, am not going to do a spotted dick survey to find out how normal or abnormal it might be. /me wanders off in a thoroughly fuddled state.

Sere Timeless said...

Oh ... and I forgot to say that I named the two gophers. Thalia, the muse of comedy and humor, and Apollo, the god who wards off evil. I figured if we were going to have spotted dick on Whimsy with hard sauce, we needed a little T&A on Whimcentricity to go with them.

Mairenn said...

!Squeak! AAAHHHHHHHHH *faints*