Saturday, December 18, 2010

Okay, This Is Just Wrong!

Written 16 December, 2010

Okay, This Is Just Wrong!

Last night I modified a free watermelon gun to fire fruitcakes. Then I made targets; when you hit them, the make a metallic sound and go blank for ten seconds.

The targets? Santa, a Christmas Tree, and a reindeer, of course.

It's hard to shoot all the targets before the first-killed ones pop back up.


I spent Christmas shooting Santa Claus
With fruitcakes shot in mouselook from a gun
I really like to creep
Up on him like a thief
He made a happy noise
He thought I wanted toys
I reloaded and I shot Santa Claus
I watched him fall, then shot poor Rudolph, too
Oh what fun it would have been
If Jesus could have seen
Me shooting Santa Claus last night

Yes, that's a giraffe in the background. The darn things are everywhere!

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