Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Gone Wrong

Written 11 December, 2010

Christmas Gone Wrong

Last weekend Sweetie and I visited a placed she had spotted. It was called Christmas Gone Wrong.

Sweetie was pissed that it trumped our Tacky Christmas. I mean, burglar Santas, dismembered reindeer, misbehaving snowmen...

Okay, it wasn't as gone-wrong as the photo at the top, but close.

I took a boatload of photos, but somehow they disappeared from my hard drive. The photo gremlins got 'em.

I did, however, import one photo into Second Life to show Sweetie, so I'm exporting them to my drive so I can import them into Blogger. Dizzy yet?

The photo doesn't, of course, to justtice to the twisted Christmas builds, but it's all I have.

You can visit Christmas Gone Wrong here.

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