Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Best Present Ever, or, Thanks, Peewee!

Written 9 December, 2010

The Best Present Ever


Thanks, Peewee!

As Christmas approaches, I've been in a mood for reminiscence. That, and doing a deep clean of my kitchen brought me to mind the best present I ever received.

I'm not saying I've not had great presents-- I have, and I've deeply appreciated them-- but one little present for my graduation from college has served me for decades now.

What was that present? I'm glad you asked. It was a case of 24 Budweiser beer mugs-- like this:

That's the exact mug. The set was given to me by my friend Peewee Coursey, who said he had gotten them from a beer distributor.

Lamentably, Peewee died in his 30s. I liked him a lot.I wish he were still around so I could share this blogpost with him.

At the time I thought a case of mugs a most peculiar present. I mean, I've never been much of a beer drinker, and back then I didn't drink at all. It seemed one helluva a thing for Peewee to have given anyone, much less me. But I quickly realized the mugs were indestructible. I could damn near pound nails with them. When I would occasionally drop one, it would bounce and roll across the floor, unchipped and unbroken..

It didn't take me long to learn that, when frozen, the mgs were perfect for making soft drinks and water ice cold. Since then I've kept four-- no more, no less-- in the freezer compartment of my refrigerator.I fill them with fizzy water or diet cola. When I finish with one, I straightaway wash it out and pop it back inside.

In cleaning the kitchen this week, I came across the rest of my mugs. There were three of them. The paint on the Budweiser logos is almost gone-- there are only faded patches of red-- but they're otherwise as good as new.

I seem to be down to seven mugs, with perhaps an eighth in my storage shed (for years, I used it as a pencil caddy). I remember breaking only one or two.

I'm not sure where the rest got to, but I suspect I gave up twelve of them in my divorce settlement.

Your honor, Ms. Palisades maintains these are her mugs, given to her and her only, and she asks for full custody of all 24 mugs.

Actually, it wasn't like that at all. We divided stuff up amicably. Everybody should. I prefer to remember giving my ex half my mugs because they were handy to have around.

If I should ever go below four mugs, I would straightaway get on eBay and search for replacements, because I can't imagine living without my mugs. But I think the mugs will outlast me.

I hope so.

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